– Projects –


Here are some pieces I'm particularly proud of.



‘Steel Dental’

‘Steel fish skin walls’

Cars & Office, Opmeer

Stainless steel frame with aluminum surface & drawer

Orthodontist praktijk, Huizen

Raw black steel and Oak staircase and balustrade,

raw black steel dividing walls and doors.

19th floor office building, Amsterdam

Black steel and galvanised steel laser cut metal plate art work.

White wall/Steel door

Black steel bar wall

Steel staircase

Private residence, Amsterdam. Custom made profile raw black steel office/living room dividing wall, double pane glass.

Wolther Wolthers Disco bar, Groningen.

Raw black steel bar wall, oak planks.

We are labels clothing store, Rotterdam.

Raw black steel staircase, oak steps.

Commercial office

Heavy duty hallway door

Triple tear lamp

Natwerk office, Amsterdam

Complete interior project. Raw black steel meeting room wall, with harmonica divider wall.

Private residence, Amsterdam.

Custom made profile raw black steel hallway/living room dividing wall.


Tommy Hilfiger showroom Amsterdam.

Vitamin wheel

Steeling white kitchen

Loft Office

Sourcy Vitamin water commercial.

Multi colour aluminum spinning wheel

StudioSchaeffer Architecten project, Amsterdam

Black coated steel frame, sleek white coated wooden kitchen cabinets.

Raw black steel entrance and meeting room walls.

Rusted steel plate walls.

Miscellaneous projects

Movie and Commercial sets



These items will be made by order. Design and development all in house.



Airplane stuff

Products build inspired by classic aviation.